Monday, February 06, 2006

Kirkwood, Lake Tahoe Take 2

Kirkwood was much better this time around. My lung did much better and this morning, Monday, I went for a 6 mile run along the beach and didn’t feel my lung at all. Co Enzyme Q10 is for sure partially responsible for the cardiovascular improvement. But nevermind that. Six of us went up to Lake Tahoe for another round of fun at Kirkwood. Nikolai, his two roommates, Ryan and Mattnand Kendal and Pino who we picked up at SFU at the last moment. We all pile into the Escalade and head up to Ryan’s late Grandfather’s country house in Auburn, CA on the way to Tahoe, where we’d be spending most of the weekend.

Nikolai offers me a brownie soon after we leave and I ask him if it is... a magic brownie and he assures me it is not. So I munch it down and then he starts laughing and then I look at my crumb covered fingers and wonder if he is pulling my leg. I feel fine. About a half an hour later I start to notice I’m feeling pretty spacey and about an hour later everything's gone a hazy shade of weird and I'm having weird mental trips, my mind playing tricks on me something like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Ah, but at least I didn’t eat the whole bag of brownies. That would have been bad.... As we arrived at the cabin, I threw up all over the floor. I had been dizzy in the car and was so stoned I didn’t recognize that sick throwing up sensation until it was too late. Way too wasted from the brownies.

We don’t get to the mountain until noon the next day. I’m still feeling queezy from the night before. It took us 4 hours to get to the mountain because we didn’t know how to get there and because the cabin was farther away than we realized. We also had to stop for breakfast. Then we all got separated upon arriving, but finally Nikolai and I connected and we had a blast tree skiing via access from “the wall” and just otherwise tearing up the swooping bowls. Well, at least I was, Nikolai didn’t find the demo shop and ended up renting lesser quality skis which weren’t up to his standards.

We get back to the cabin to find Titan behaving very strangely. Upon brief investigation we find the bag of brownies to be missing. We then find the plastic bag torn up on the floor. Titan could barely walk straight. He was excited we had come home but he kept losing his balance and otherwise behaving how you might expect a dog who had eaten too many pot brownies to behave. Fortunately he had thrown them up four times all over the carpet.

Nikolai and I drove him to the vet where they tried to charge Nikolai $1,000. After a long time waiting around at the vet, it was decided to have the dog stay over night since the animal hospital threatened to call the police and animal rights for animal neglect if Nikolai didn't admit Titan. We drive home, but we can’t find the damn cabin. We drive around for what feels like ages and a guy blasts a searchlight on Nikolai and me as we’re driving into random driveways trying to find the cabin. After driving by his driveway three times he finally flagged us down with his light to find out where we were trying for, but he didn’t know where the Moore residence was.

We finally find it at about 1:30am after trying just about every driveway in the area.

The next morning it turns out no one set the alarm clock and I end up waking everyone at about 9:00am. But even so we are all slow to motivate and I kept trying to motivate everyone, but even bacon and eggs and coffee wasn’t enough to get people moving. To make matters worse, Nikolai needed to drive back to the animal hospital to get Titan. He has some trouble finding the house again on the way back and by the time he gets back we realize we’ll only have a couple hours max on the mountain. So what do a bunch of kids with a cabin in the countryside to themselves do?

Nikolai and Matt rummage around in the attick and find an old 22 and start shooting stuff around the picturesque property. It was suh a beautiful day, one of those spring days where a barbeque is in order. So everyone but Ryan and me go to the store to pick up barbeque essentials like steak, shishkabobs and shrimp. But I let Titan free too soon after the Escalade pulled away from the driveway and Titan bolted in the direction the SUV left in. Ryan and I ran after him and caught up with him just as he was approaching the road. Luckily I managed to grab his collar just at the edge of the driveway. On our way back to the house we came upon these two crazy llamas. They were the funniest creatures I’d seen. Bucking and prancing about as if they were on something a bit stronger than pot brownies. They kept following us along the fence and they’d get all skiddish and suddenly flail away from the fence, circle and then come charging back, all spastic and spazzing, to follow us some more.

Then I went the wrong way when I ran ahead of Ryan with Titan in toe. He kept running up to other dogs and such and then we got to a yard with a goat tied to a tree. Titan swankered up to the goat and started barking and got a nearby dog barking too. Then a beligerent redneck came out and started barking at me. “Where you from?” I apologized and tried to tell him to wait while I tried to get the dog but he continued barking expletives at me: "I don’t expletive care about the expletive dog. Don’t walk away from me! Don't turn your back to me. Answer my question! Now you’re gonna piss me off! Where you from?” I start explaining to him where I’m from and where I’m going and, satisfied, he buggered off. I turned around upon hearing Ryan come up the road and briskly headed toward him with Titan held close by the collar.

After the Barbeque and firing the 22 at an old mailbox, we gathered ‘round the boob tube to watch the Superbowl. Kendal had been going on the whole weekend about how she had to see the Superbowl and then when it was was finally on she wasn’t around 1/2 the time to watch it. Fancied shooting the 22 more I suppose. I, who had had zero interest before the game had started ended up being quite engaged in the whole affair; even guessed correctly who the MVP at the end of the game would be (Hines Ward of the Steelers).

I drove back that evening and we all decided it was a good idea to come back next weekend again. Pino has 5 passes at Sierra at Tahoe and so we might ski a day there and a day at Kirkwood. Hopefully we’ll go back to Kirkwood because I have an unused demo reservation I made with the expectation we were going to be skiing on Sunday. Despite a short day skiing Saturday and not skiing on Sunday the weekend was a lot of fun and I didn’t get bitter for skiing much less than I was expecting to.


Anonymous said...

Jake, sounds great! But what about your niece, you didn't say anything about her? Give us the scoop! She looked so cute in the photos. What is it like to be an uncle, or have you already forgotten? Time to add more stuff on the blog about other people.

Daniel Schmolze said...

"I'm going away...away going."

That's all I have to say.

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Ana Sosphia is pretty adorable - and not much there, just a small swaddling handful. But she is tenacious on the boob, let me tell you. All she does is feed and cry and feed and cry and sleep occasionally but momstly feed and cry with some poops and pees in there for good measure. I don't think Illona quite realized how intense and what a marathon it was going to be. I certainly didn't.

Being an uncle is cool. I felt a little nervous holding the baby. It being so small and delicate. But I was pretty entranced by the little thing. Very adorable indeed. She can be fierce looking though when she latches onto that boob, though. She really goes for it like her life depended on it. And, well, it does. The boob is the only thing she knows.

Anonymous said...

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