Monday, December 12, 2005

Outback, Northern Territory and the Queensland Coast

Australia Trip Itinerary

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So after seven weeks in New Zealand ( I think it's time to broaden my horizons once again. I'm off to Sydney tomorrow, the 14th, where I'll be spending a few days exploring what is actually not the capital of australia as I had just assumed. Some small unheard of city called Canberra is. On the 17th I catch a flight to Alice Springs to land smack dab in the middle of Australia right in the center of the outback where I'll be starting an eleven day guided bus tour. My Contiki tour kicks off in Alice Springs near Ayers rock Pixagogo direct photo link on the 18th and heads north to finish in Darwin, the most northern city in Australia, on the 28th. On the 29th I catch another flight bright and early after no doubt partying it up on the last day of the tour to arrive bleary eyed in Cairns where I'll be spending New Years and from there embarking on part two of my Australia trip which might start off with a spate of snorkling in the Great Barrier reef. Then it's down the coast stopping at Fraser Island, which is a giant sand island and supposed to be great. Not sure how I will travel down the coast. I fly back to Christchurch from Brisbane on the 15th of January so that only gives me two weeks to cover over 800 miles, more distance than all of New Zealand. Prolly will be on another bus rather than hitchhiking.


s.shinerock said...

hell of a stone, bud. you should see if you can climb up it before your bus leaves alice springs.
it's gotten so cold that complaining about it is just redundant. two canadian boys have pulled a trailer on to the corner, painted it green, and surrounded it with christmas trees they're trying to sell. they live in the trailer and and take turns sitting outside with the trees around the clock, because they won't leave them unattended on the street.
send us some good desert shots.
love ya

Moose Zanecchia, Moose said...

Hey Amber, so we have to update dat links dare?

Greek Wedding, enjoy the final frontier


belly woman said...

Jason looks like we're in for some more fun. I hope you caught the second flight to the Rock ok and that you're on your tour. We'll find out soon enough. Nice to be in summer. I'll live some of that heat vicariously through you! We are actually having a thunderstorm with tornado warnings, rather unusual for SF. But it's great weather. Reminds me of summer thunderstorms back east. Well have a wonderful Christmas eve and day, I am having the in-laws over for Christmas breakfast, try to re-create a little of the Root breakfast magic. Love you and big kisses. Be safe in the outback with those scorpions and lots of love to you from us. Kisses and love, the Big, Big pregnant woman!
P.S. Can't stress the BIG enough. You'll see some great photos when you get back. Love Ya OXOXOOXOOX