Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Sydney is a really cool town, although the weather prolly is having a big influence on my first impression of Australia. It's... warm! ...and sunny! ...and normal summer weather with warm summer breezes! New Zealand is beautiful and magestic and fun and the people are great but the weather is pants. When I stepped outside of the airport this evening into the glow and lingering warmth from the setting sun I was just like "wow, I almost forgot what summer is supposed to feel like."

No pictures yet. Keep your shorts on and check back tomorrow. I rented a car for Friday to explore the parks and beaches outside of the city and tomorrow I'm gonna buy some thongs (Aussie lingo for sandals) and try to rent a bike or use the public transport system to tour the sites.


Steve Bohrer said...

Pants? That's great. Is that a local phrase, or a Jakeism? Either way, brillant.

Steve Bohrer said...

Oh, wait, did you mean "the weather is pants" as you had to wear long pants? That is less interesting. I thought you were using "pants" as a new term for "sucko." Never mind.