Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Last Great Adventure

Well, the trip is really nearing its close now. It's been quite the trip, met a lot of fun and interesting people and did and saw alot of amazing things and learned a bit about myself in the process, but it's not over yet. After I got back from the Whitsundays I took a midnight bus down to Fraser Island where I arrived today at 1pm. Was able to stretch out across the seats in the back of the bus and get some sleep. I was pretty nackered as I was still battling the tail end of my cold and so didn't have any trouble passing out on the bus.

This afternoon we had an orientation of sorts for the 4x4 galavanting we will be doing along the beaches of Fraser Island. The itinerary is set out for us because of the massive tidal variations (10 feet) so you have to be at certain places at the right time lest you get stranded. The guy giving our orientation made it sound pretty amazing. One of the beaches on the island supposedly is repeatedly rated among the top ten beaches in the world. There are massive sand dunes some which are at a 60 degree angle so we will either slide down them on trash bags or just run down them. I remember how fun this was to do in Kitty Hawk on the Outer Banks of N.C. last summer so hopefully I'll have some fun photos to share from this last sandy excursion.

Basically there is about eight of us taking turns driving the 4x4 to various lakes and sights on the island and then we'll be camping at night and meeting up with other parties of people doing the same thing. We bought our own food for cooking and we just so happened to have two chefs among our party. Not a bad bonus.

Thanks again to everyone who has enjoyed my blog. It's been fun.


sherriff snodgrass said...

hey man,
sorry to hear it's finally coming to an end. never thought the day would come.

will be nice to have you back in the gruel though - finally do some schiiing.

well, i signed up for a certificate program to become a personal trainer and am pretty excited about it. entails studying hard for the next four months or so.

also, it's possible i'll take part in a new playhouse for children being started by my old acting teacher here in GB.

enjoy the last few dayz, mate.

Sharon said...

it's been so much fun to read your bulletins. i will miss them, but am looking forward to your first shabbos home! proud of you for being so adventurous and open, and grateful for your fun prose.
(we saw fran lunching at the guthrie center last week. Also matthew who has been reading your blog and was impressed by zorbing)

final daze said...

behind the wheel again, is it? well, keep it safe, sane and consensual. yer buddies in the back might not have the nerves of steel we've all developed on the roads around jug end.

just kiddin. let her rip -- I'll buy you a beer for every hair you turn white.

see ya topside.

The Intrepid Dr. Root said...

Gio you owe me a lot of beers. Well, if anyone from Spring Break is reading this, now you have a little insight into why I drove as I did. :)